The refill collection

Your favourite Otentic fragrance. Anytime, anywhere.

Always at hand

Wouldn’t you love to always carry a magnificent perfume with you? Whether you’re on the road, at work or on vacation; from now on you can freshen up everywhere and enjoy your favourite Otentic perfume. The unconventional perfume brand makes dreams come true with the launch of The Refill Collection. This collection consists of a beautifully designed cassette containing a 100 ml perfume of your choice and a handy 8 ml spray. Unlike a large, heavy flacon of 50 or 100 ml, this handy 8 ml spray flacon can easily be taken anywhere. This way, you always feel good, confident and reinvigorated. Is the small flacon empty? No worries: replenishing it is a piece of cake with the included funnel. Available in all our 73 fragrances! Go to the shop, choose your favourite fragrance and select at size the refill collection 100 ml + 8 ml.

Your own style

Dive into the world of our 73 sophisticated perfumes and discover your favourite. All our exclusive perfumes are made with only the very best ingredients and pure craftsmanship. With the help of our expert perfume guides you will always find a fragrance that suits your style, mood and occasion. And with The Refill Collection you will always have it at hand from now on. Be You. Be Otentic. 

On a trip, at work, in the gym or out in the city? Whatever the occasion. Your Otentic travel spray always at hand with the refill collection.