An aromatic journey of discovery with friends, family or colleagues, on which you will discover perfumes that truly suit you.

An Otentic perfume fitting

Just like your choice of clothes differs from day to day, there isn’t one single perfume that fits every mood and every occasion. Do you ever stop to think about how fragrances impact the way you feel? What emotions and memories they invoke? Are you curious about which perfumes can reflect or compliment your personality? Book a Perfume Fitting in one of our Otentic Stores and discover the perfect perfumes for every occasion.


Discover the wonderful world of perfumes together

A Perfume Fitting is entirely dedicated to your wishes: it’s all about personal attention and experience. Our perfume advisor introduces you and your company to the world of perfumes, a variety of perfume styles and the various precious ingredients. We also share advice on the best way of perfuming, so you can enjoy your perfumes for a lovely long time. 

Your Otentic perfume profile

After this, we will discover your personal perfume profile together. We’ll take you on an aromatic journey of discovery through our large collection of 73 perfumes, divided over 8 scent styles and 2 specialties. We’ll help you make a first selection and choose perfumes that will make your heart beat faster. Just let go of everything, close your eyes and experience the different fragrances. By following your own instinct, your personal perfume profile is created.


The beginning of your perfume wardrobe

A fragrance can do a lot: make you extra cheerful, boost your self-confidence, or give you a feeling of elegance. Different situations require different perfumes. That’s why it’s nice to have a perfume wardrobe, so that – just like with a clothing wardrobe – you can adapt what you wear to your mood or occasion. To make a nice start to your personal perfume wardrobe, you can choose your favourite perfume(s) at the end of the Perfume Fitting.

Extra information

Our Perfume Fitting takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and is available for € 59 per person. This Fitting includes a sweet or savory snack, a drink and a 30ml eau de parfum or 3 x 8ml eau de parfum of your choice.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact a store in your area.