The heritage of Otentic Perfumes


The Otentic perfumes are created in Grasse, France, by the perfumer Jean-Denis Saisse. The Saisse family has a passion for perfumes that has been handed down from generation to generation since 1785. The job of a perfumer is to understand natural aromas and, by careful harmonization, to make a new composition which reflects the personality of the wearer. Eight generations of Saisses have led to exceptional professional knowledge: Jean-Denis developed into a true artist in the field of perfumes.


When it comes to love for perfumes, Otentic found in perfumer – ‘the nose’ – Jean-Denis a soul mate. They share the same dream: helping people explore the perfect perfumes that reflect everyone’s personality, style, moods and the occasion. Together they stood at the cradle of a collection of perfumes that would truly do justice to the authenticity of people: the Otentic perfumes. For no less than four years he devoted all his passion, knowledge and experience to creating and perfecting the 73 perfumes. It’s no wonder that this collection can be considered his masterpiece. Just like real individuals, the Otentic perfumes each tell their own personal story: about dreams and ambitions, strength and mildness, seduction and relaxation. Jean-Denis: ‘Your personality starts when you stop comparing. In this collection I have tried to capture a full range of emotions, so you can always be yourself with an Otentic perfume.’


The Otentic perfumes are produced by perfume expert Olivier Maure from Accords & Parfum in the village of Cabris, in the arrondissement of Grasse. It’s a special region with an ancient perfume industry. The environment is beautiful and pure, the past almost tangible. Rose, jasmine, mimosa – but also other plants that give their delicious aromas to the Otentic perfumes – grow here in the wild, as an inspiring suggestion. Accords & Parfums specializes in singular perfumes and guarantees the highest quality. As Maure says: ‘Jean-Denis is the composer. As a conductor, I bring his innovative concepts to life as accurately as possible, using the best ingredients on the market.’