The ideal gift

Do you have trouble choosing, because every moment asks for a different perfume? Believe us when we say: we know the struggle! Sometimes you need a fragrance that is soft and natural, while for other occasions you might be looking for a self-confident and sensual perfume. Fix this issue by introducing the Otentic Carrousel in your life, consisting of five perfumes of your choice in 8ml spray bottles.


When composing an Otentic carrousel, you can choose five perfumes from the entire Otentic collection.

Consider the carrousel as your personal perfume wardrobe. Isn’t that the dream of every perfume lover? Because of the elegant design, the carrousel is a jewel in every bedroom or bathroom.

The small bottles are also easy to carry in your bag. This way, you are prepared for anything and you can feel fresh and confident all day long.

The Otentic carrousel consists of the following parts:

  • Box with carrousel
  • Box with five 8ml bottles
Select your favourites