You probably know this: you smelled a perfume on a friend that you immediately liked. Then you bought this perfume, but it seems to smell very different when you try it yourself. Maybe even less tasty. Perfume smells differently for everyone. Why is that? We are happy to explain that.

Everyone is unique

When you spray perfume on your skin, several factors affect the fragrance of the perfume. For example, the pH value of your skin, the acidity of your skin fats, what you eat and your hormone balance influence how the perfume will smell. All these factors can strengthen or weaken the different notes of a perfume.

In addition, the condition of your skin can affect the fragrance of a perfume. Very dry or oily skin can make a perfume smell different. Also products that you use every day, such as soap, body lotion and shower gel can influence how a perfume smells. Everybody is different; the same perfume can smell completely different in two people.

Perfume on fabrics

To keep the original scent of a perfume as intact as possible, we advise to perfume on fabrics. This contains your body heat and personal scent, so that the perfume can mix well with it, without, for example, skin fats influencing the fragrance. Also, the perfume cannot affect your skin in this way. When perfuming fabrics, pay attention: silk, suede and leather do not go well with perfume.

Perfume that suits you

Avoid buying a perfume that does not suit you and that you leave unused on your closet. We advise to wear a perfume for a day, or at least wait five minutes after spraying before assessing a perfume. A perfume consists of several layers (read more about top, heart and base notes), so the fragrance develops during the day. So you cannot always go into the first impression of a perfume. By wearing a perfume for a day, it can also mix well with your body heat and personal scent. This way you can really fall in love with a fragrance.

Storing perfume

Have you found a perfume that you like? Then of course you want to enjoy it as long as possible. That is why it is important that you store your perfume correctly. Read more about the factors you should pay attention to when storing perfume.

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