Perfumes are made up of different notes, which determine how a perfume smells. When choosing a fragrance that suits you, it helps if you are familiar with the term “fragrance families”. Perfumes each have their own fragrance family. What does “fragrance family” mean and which fragrance families can you find in our collection?

What is a fragrance family?

Fragrance families allow you to categorize different perfumes. In fragrance families, the perfumes are divided into groups based on the build-up of ingredients or by specific ingredients. For example: in this way you can classify all floral scents in the floral fragrance family. Citrus fragrances are in the citrus fragrance family.

How is the fragrance family of a perfume determined?

A perfumer creates an Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette by using various layers of ingredients in order to create a unique composition and get the desired fragrance distribution. The distribution of these ingredients determines which fragrance family a perfume suits. It often happens that perfumes fall into several families at once due to the mix of ingredients. You have perfumes that are both fruity and sweet; these types of perfumes fall within the citrus as well as the so-called “gourmand” fragrance family. Want to know more about the different layers in perfume? Read more about this topic in our blog: “what is the difference between top, heart and base notes in perfume?”.

How can fragrance families help you choose a perfume that suits you?

If you are looking for a perfume that suits you, it can help if you know which fragrance families appeal to you. If you like sweet scents, you can, for example, look around at fruity perfumes. Or do you like the smell of leather? Then you can explore woody scents. In our stores you can explore the different fragrance styles yourself or our perfume guides will help you find perfumes that suit you best.

The Otentic fragrance families

Our perfume collection consists of 73 scents, spread over various fragrance styles. The different fragrance styles are based on fragrance families known in classical perfumery. In our stores we have divided our fragrance styles into the following families:

Green and woody perfumes

Woody scents take you to a campfire in the forest. If you like the smell of that, then our Arborath scents are for you. Classic woody base notes of leather, oud and sandalwood team up to create a distinctive musky and smoky scent. You also have green scents that remind you of nature. Whether your heart goes out to lovely flower gardens or rugged mountain areas, our range of Grasslands perfumes consist of rich, green, outdoor scents.

Oriental and fruity perfumes

Oriental scents are spicy, warm scents. They are often sensual and seductive. Our Sensuali perfumes are part of the oriental fragrance family. These perfumes are surprisingly mysterious; you can’t help but fantasize about long, passionate nights. On the other hand, you have the cheerful, sweet and fruity perfumes. The fruity fragrance family goes well with our Sedux perfumes. Sedux is a style for colourful spirits who go outside when the sun is out, drink cocktails on the beach and laugh with friends.

Floral and powdery perfumes

Perfumes in which one or more types of flowers play the main role fall within the floral fragrance family. Our collection of Fyori perfumes consists of floral and soft perfumes, ideal for when you want to surround yourself with a subtle, romantic scent. Powdery scents, such as our Elegantia perfumes, are elegant and can vary from cuddly and friendly to seductive and confident.

Ocean fresh and citrus perfumes

Ocean fresh, or also aquatic perfumes remind you of the sea. Our Aguamondo perfumes bring more light into your day. The water elements in the heart of the perfumes evoke the feeling of a breezy day at the beach. A fragrance family that fits well with aquatic fragrances and that give you a sunny feeling is the citrus fragrance family. Our Lemonia perfumes are fresh, light, sparkling scents that feel like a summer vacation and where citrus fruits play the main role.

Curious about our collection? Visit one of our stores or discover our perfumes online. Go on a journey of discovery and find a fragrance (family) that suits you best.