Spring is just around the corner. It is the time of blossoming flowers, green fields and the lovely feeling of the first warm rays of sunshine on your skin. Put your winter warderobe in your closet, get out your sunglasses and take in your favorite scents of nature. Let’s enjoy spring!

For those who truly love nature

Do you love nature and do you enjoy green fields, the scent of fresh earth or wood? Then you will love Grasslands! Our Grasslands perfumes contain a wide collection of rich outdoor scents, such as freshly mown grass, aromatic moss, spicy herbs, sweet florals, and warm earth. The Grasslands perfumes, inspired on the rich and pure scents of nature, are the ultimate start of spring.

Step outside

If you’ve already been outside in the garden, so that your garden is ready for spring, you will immediately recognize the scent of pulling out a plant straight out of the field in Grasslands 2. This comes from the ingredient galbanum in the perfume. Galbanum has an intense green and earthy fragrance and is also known as the ‘Queen of Green’. Grasslands 2 is also subtly floral, woody and spicy, due to tones of bergamot and lavender. Sandalwood harmonizes the scent and wraps this composition up in a warm, woody blanket.

A valued ingredient

Sandalwood is known for its warm, rich and woody aroma. It is the oldest wood that is used in the perfumery and therefore one of the first kinds of wood we know in perfumes. 5000 years ago sandalwood was used in Attar, an ancient perfume from India and Arabia. Nowadays it is still a valued ingredient for our perfumes, since it gives our perfumes depth and warmth. Furthermore, you can enjoy a fragrance with sandalwood longer on your clothes.

Our rich Grasslands perfumes give a green, lively kick to your day. Discover our 8 Grasslands perfumes.