Every moment is different, so why choose only one perfume? Celebrate the holidays with an original gift: the Otentic Perfumes Carrousel.

Your own collection of perfumes

This luxury gift box contains not one but five perfumes of your choice in 8ml spray bottles. The giver ór receiver may make a selection from our 73 perfumes. Our collection includes all the classic perfume styles: whether you’re looking for a woody oriental embrace, or a fresh wave of oceanic notes. Surprise your loved one, friend or family member with this unique gift for the holidays.

Perfume wardrobe: a perfume for every moment

Different situations require different perfumes. A scent can have quite an impact: it can give you a romantic feeling, boost your self-confidence, or contribute to an elegant appearance. With the Otentic Carrousel you delight a loved one with a perfume wardrobe that consists of a perfume for every occasion, style or mood.

Discover your own scents

It’s quite difficult to determine which scents you like yourself, let alone what appeals to somebody else. The solution to this is giving an empty Otentic Perfumes Carrousel with a special Carrousel gift card. With this, the lucky recipient can go to one of our Otentic stores to discover their favourite perfumes and fill up the Carrousel themselves!

Happy Holidays!