Scents and seduction have always been closely related. From the ancient civilisations in Mesopotamia to the flourishing perfume industry in Grasse, where Otentic perfumes are created; perfume makers have always tried to create scents that work like a magnet. Sensuali is our collection of oriental perfumes that do exactly that: their spicy and mysterious notes envelop you in a veil of fiery passion that’s hard to resist.

Show your most seductive self

Sensuali 3 is a perfume for people who are not afraid to enjoy themselves and trust their instinct in making contact with others. Venture into the night with this lively composition with luscious notes of cassis, rose and patchouli and show your most seductive self. Mandarin and saffron provide a light, graceful touch that adds elegance to this fragrance. Romance awaits you!

Lift up & love

One of the star ingredients of Sensuali 3 is cassis or bourgeons de cassis, made from the buds and distilled leaves from the blackcurrant plant. Cassis has a fresh and unique aroma that is fruity, tangy, floral and green. Because of its beautiful balance between tartness and sweetness it’s a popular ingredient in contemporary perfumes. In Sensuali 3, it lifts up the softer notes of rose to create a cheerful and exciting mood.

Multipurpose berry

In addition to the aromatic leaves, the blackcurrant plant produces bunches of small black berries that are a popular ingredient for products like jam, syrup, juice and liquor. Both the leaves and the berries are also popular among many animals. The berries of the blackcurrant are an important source of food for birds and lots of honeybees and hoverflies feast on the flowers. Good for them – and us -because these dark little fruits are full of vitamin C, A, B1, B5 and B6.

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