Did you ever notice how there’s great strength in the most simple and pure elements? Away from distractions, loudness and chaos, you can truly experience the loveliness of authentic and essential scents. As a token of appreciation we created Otentic Pure: a luxury range of perfumes that are both rich and sophisticated. In every Pure perfume one single ingredient is the hero. This is perfume at its purest!


Our Otentic Pure perfumes are divine on their own, but you can also create marvellous fragrances of your own by combining them. Take for instance Pure Lily of the Valley: a sunny, green and clean scent with a flirty hint of florals. A typical spring perfume that’s both fresh and playful. Pure Rose is more sweet and romantic, making subtle suggestions about long summer nights. Together, they form a vibrant floral explosion that’s perfect for any occasion.


By mixing up the Pure perfumes, you can create a wide range of exciting scents. We encourage you to experiment away, so you can discover a scent that’s utterly you. Pure Rose is a fragrance that blends excellently with all 8 Pure perfumes. One of its beloved companions is deep and warm Pure Santal. Together they create an intense woody fragrance with a floral touch. A bold, outspoken scent for those of you who aren’t afraid of a little adventure.


Pure Lily of the Valley works brilliantly for festive occasions. It’s no coincidence the French celebrate Lily of the Valley Day (Fête du Muguet) on the first of May: the bright little bloomer celebrates the glory of spring and the coming of summer. Another May festival is Flora Day in Cornwell, where lilies of the valley appear on clothes of the dancers of the traditional ‘Furry Dance’. They’re also frequently used as a wedding flower, for example in bridal bouquets at royal weddings such as those of Kate Middleton and Princess Grace of Monaco.