In an Otentic Perfumes Store you experience a relaxed atmosphere in which you feel free to explore perfumes and ask questions. Because you’re not over-stimulated, you can focus your full attention on the perfumes. For example, you can smell our fragrances by using a perfumed glass, so you get access to the heart of the perfume. An additional advantage is that your nose doesn’t get too much stimuli, so you can continue to follow your feeling when exploring your favourite scents.


Our perfume guides will happily help you explore which perfumes suit you best. This way you discover why certain perfumes appeal to you. Are you looking for a cheerful perfume for the day, a mysterious perfume for the evening, or do you have no idea what you’re looking for? Our expert and friendly guides can always help you, your wishes are key.


A visit to an Otentic store is a treat for yourself. Enjoy our hospitable approach and take a seat at the central perfume bar. While you unwind with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of water, our consultant will help you discover the collection. From the first encounter with all nine perfume styles, to the in-depth exploration of the fragrances that appeal to you the most. Did you pick your favourites? Then let yourself be perfumed to your liking, so you can decide which fragrances are a match made in heaven. The perfume guide can tell you everything about the fragrance notes and ingredients used in each perfume, but also about the concept and heritage of Otentic Perfumes.


Would you rather explore in the store on your own? Of course, that’s absolutely no problem. At the entrance there is an interactive screen with a perfume per style, which makes you familiar with every style. Our perfumes are presented in a specially designed piece of furniture, with a perfumed glass for each fragrance. Each perfume contains a short description with the three main ingredients that characterizes this fragrance. This makes exploring not only fun, but also educational: it might surprise you which type of perfumes you end up liking the most.

We look forward to welcoming you in one of our Otentic Perfumes stores.