Oh spring, you make us sing. Wandering around on a beautiful April day, the blossoming parks and gardens look like a Monet painting: all fresh and dreamy and romantic. This season brings the promises of new stories, new adventures, perhaps even new loves. We say: time to indulge in some delicate floral perfumes.


Springtime is many things, but no guarantee for warm sunny days. We can’t begin to count the number of times that – mad with spring fever – we rushed outside wearing nothing but jaunty skirts around our bare legs, only to face a long, chilly day of shivering. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Once the real spring vibes strike, just spray a little Fyori 3, and feel the rays of light surround you. With light and sweet freesia and magnolia as its shiny highlights, there is no scent sunnier.


The freesia symbolizes unconditional love, honour and innocence. Therefore it’s traditional to give your husband or wife white freesia’s after seven years of marriage, as a token of pure and true love. Lovely, right? However, the reason for this precise moment is a bit less romantic. Seven years is seen as a turning point: after seven fat years, come seven lean years… Better perk that up with some flowers.


Freesia’s are family of the iris and ‘discovered’ in Africa by a Danish botanist. He named them after a German friend of his, doctor F. Freese. Freesia’s are quite peculiar: the flowers grow as one-sided spikes of narrowly funnel-shaped flowers along a side few leaves. They are also very fragrant, but somehow still light and subtly sweet and therefore a springtime favourite.

So whether you’re married or not: the dreamy scent of Freesia’s is always a good idea. Give our Fyori collection a hug and let your dreams take flight.

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