Going on holiday, anyone? If you’re not, don’t worry. Sweet, simple fun is right around the corner. Weather it’s having breakfast on your balcony or lounging in the park with some friends: anything can feel like a slice of vacation. With our Lemonia perfumes, we offer you some wonderful sparkling scents to accompany these joyful moments. Fresh, light and buzzing fragrances that connect you with your free, playful side. Keep it breezy and enjoy, my sweet summer child.


There is no perfume quite as light-hearted as Lemonia 2. It has some sweetness, some tartness, and also a hint of floral notes. Lemonia 2 opens fresh with delicate bergamot, accompanied by the slightly tart and sweet Paraguayan petitgrain.  A heart of star aniseed gives it a full body and a little kick, to get that energy flowing. This is the scent to wear when you feel like nothing can stop you in a never-ending summer.


Bergamot is not your average citrus fruit. The bergamot orange sometimes referred to as ‘the finest of citrus notes’ and its name is derived from the Turkish bey armut, which means ‘prince of pears’. These names reflect the subtlety and complexity of this fruit: fresh, citrusy, bitter, elegant, but also slightly spicy, peppery and floral. Almost a little like lavender, some say.


Bergamot is usually grown for the essential oils in its peel, for example in the South of France. This oil is made to produce sunny fragrances like Lemonia 2, but also aromatic flavourings – for example for Earl Grey tea. However, bergamot oil also has some old medical uses. Traditionally, it’s used as an antipyretic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. The scent of bergamot is also known for its calming and uplifting effect.

We certainly feel a lot better wearing some Lemonia 2. So go ahead: brighten up your day!