Is there a month more glamourous than December? We think not. Decorated tables, glittery dresses and make-up with that certain vavavoom enter the stage and make us all feel festive and luxurious. Looking for a suitable scent? Gear up for a holly jolly season, because our range of Otentic Elegantia perfumes stands ready to match this glamour effortlessly. Each Elegantia fragrance is stylish and sophisticated but also seductive and ambitious, with vivid whiffs of florals and zesty top notes.

Sparkle sparkle

Elegantia 2 is proof that no one should ever underestimate vanilla. Although the word is sometimes used to describe something boring, vanilla – as a fragrance – can attribute a warm and sensual quality to a perfume. In Elegantia 2, a rich and creamy vanilla base is paired exceptionally well with a heart of rose, adding a sweet and sexy note. This combination weaves an aura of passion and power around you. All this seductiveness is complimented by crisp citrus top notes, to make the perfume feel sparkling. Bring on the champagne! 

Sweet seduction

Hoping to kiss a certain someone underneath the mistletoe? Elegantia 2 might just help you out a little. In science-talk: the aroma of vanilla causes the hypothalamus, the gland that controls memory and emotion, to jump into action, hereby evoking feelings that are connected to this powerful scent. Reportedly, this is why Queen Elizabeth I used it to scent her boudoir and why famous courtesan Madame du Barry also kept vanilla at hand. By the way: it helps if your objet du d├ęsir is of the male persuasion. Studies show that the scent of vanilla increases sexual arousal particularly in men.