With the arrival of spring, we have already had many sunny days. But spring is still no guarantee for warm sunny days. We often step outside without a coat or in elegant skirts, and then shiver with cold all day long. As soon as the real spring vibes strike, just choose our floral Fyori perfumes. You immediately feel surrounded by the rays of sunshine.

Idyllic garden house surrounded by flowers

Spring is precious to us. While strolling through the thriving parks and gardens, you soon dream away to an idyllic garden house surrounded by the most enchanting flowers. Let the lovely floral scents dart around you like delicate silk, fluttering in the wind. Spring is the time to enjoy delicate floral perfumes. Dream away with our Fyori perfumes.

A warm embrace

If you like soft, romantic perfumes, you can indulge yourself in Fyori 6. It is difficult not to love this cuddly, floral fragrance. The soft, natural tones of bergamot, voilet and mimosa feel like a safe embrace. Soft and mild to wear. Like a fluffy onesie on a lazy Sunday. This perfume creates a wonderful feeling of spring, without the chills.

Sparkling and cheerful character

Bergamot is a citrus fruit that you don’t only know as an ingredient for perfumes. The essential oil from the peel of this fruit is also widely used in tea. Yet it is also a favourite ingredient for many perfumers. They often add bergamot as a top note in a perfume, so you can smell it first after spraying. Bergamot gives the perfume creations freshness through the sparkling and cheerful character.

A scent that you recognize from a cup of tea and that feels like a soft embrace of a onesie on a lazy Sunday: the formula for a day to dream away. Discover our extensive collection.