As the nights are getting longer, we tend to seek out more deep and powerful scents. Our Arborath fragrances are perfect candidates with their spicy and warm qualities.

Arborath: scents of the forest

Some of the fragrances have a lightness that makes them perfect for daytime enjoyment, other have an intenseness that suits the night. What unites the Arborath perfumes is a woody, smoky and natural appeal, inspired by the scent of the forest.

Only for the sexy people

With its sweet and spicy notes of mandarin, saffron, oudh and patchouli, our perfume Arborath 4 is all about boldness and passion. Are you brave enough to wear such a sensual statement? Don’t be afraid to set the room on fire, because – to quote Salt-n-Pepa – this is only for the sexy people.

Rare resin

Arborath 4 is one of our more potent perfumes, with oudh as its most striking note. What makes oudh one of the world’s most fascinating perfume ingredients is not only its intoxicating and powerful scent, but also its intricate origins. Oudh oil is produced by distilling resin of the Agar tree, native to Southeast Asia. The spectacular part is that the wood only produces this extremely fragrant resin when it gets infected with a certain kind of mould. Because of this, only about 2% of the Agar trees produce oudh, which makes it very rare.

All night long 

Luckily, a little oudh goes a long way. As a heart note, oudh is Arborath 4’s most dominant scent. Hours and hours after applying the fragrance this aromatic note will still linger on your skin. The scent of this so-called ‘liquid gold’ is rather complex and best described as musky, warm, woody and slightly sweet and balsamic. Enjoy this precious perfume all night!  

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