Life is short, too short to waste time being someone else. By the way: everyone else is already taken, right? Waste no time and be yourself, be Otentic.

Explore yourself

At Otentic we believe that you should not be tricked into buying perfumes by far-fetched stories, pretty packaging or persistent salespeople. They’re nice to buy, but in the end you’ll only end up with a cabinet of pretty bottles you never use. So go explore yourself. Let no one’s instincts but your own guide you in finding fragrances that truly suit you. Break free and unleash your spirit animal, be confident and proud of who you are. You deserve to experience the joy of being truly authentic.

Only the best

Otentic is made up of passionate people with a deep love and understanding of perfumes. Our goal is to help you express yourself by guiding you on your journey to pick a perfect scent for every occasion, style or mood. Otentic offers sophisticated perfumes focused on quality, suitable for both men and women. Our fragrances are designed by the perfumer Jean Denis Saisse from Grasse, and are made with only the best and finest ingredients. You’ll always feel welcome in our stores, where our perfume guides are happy to help you without any fuss.


Our brand image is a hummingbird. Like Otentic, this explorative little bird travels far to acquire only the finest and best ingredients, by reaching deep into a flower for the highest quality of nectar. In addition, the hummingbird symbolizes the values we hold dear: authenticity, self-confidence, optimism, happiness, energy and freedom. Fun fact: the mixing device that combines all ingredients for an Otentic perfume, is also called Hummingbird.

Moods and moments

If you’re like other humans, every day is different. Scents are closely linked to feelings, stories and moments. As your days change, so does the fragrance that defines you. Every moment is a new moment to explore. By dipping your nose into a selection of our 73 unique fragrances, like our little friend the hummingbird, you can always find a scent that accurately reflects your current style, mood and moment. 

Are you ready for your explore journey? We are happy to help!