About Otentic

Discover a true sense of yourself


Everyone is given a unique personality based on their tastes and desires, dreams and emotions. Our goal is to let everyone express this sense of identity through an irresistible alchemy between themselves and their favourite scents.

We enable this via an involving and inspiring journey of discovery. An aromatic adventure in which you follow your senses and instincts to find a scent that embodies all that you are. A scent of your own, creating memories that will stay with you and your loved ones forever.

And not just one scent, but your own wardrobe of carefully selected expressions for different times and different moods. For dark and light, day and night, wrong and right…

This journey offers a choice of 73 distinctive and handcrafted scents built around the eight classic styles of perfumery. Scents that offer purity and complexity, major and minor, glamour and sophistication. A Pure palette that encompasses all the traditional ingredients such as lavender and neroli, along with Anno 1785, that uses long forgotten ingredients such as mastic.

A collection as rich as this only Otentic offers. We are a new brand with a rich heritage that goes back to 1785. Our scents are created in Grasse by the master perfumer Jean-Denis Saisse, using only the most precious ingredients.



Our shops are a clean and organized environment in which trained experts guide, but never impose. A space in which to discover yourself in the scent, instead of comparing yourself to a pre-packaged product. You are the brand and the scents are there to help you grow your identity by reflecting and projecting your self-image. 

Nobody loves fragrances more than Otentic. Our mission is to spread that love by offering a service, not a product. By delivering a sense of timeless quality, boundless imagination and endless variety. But above all, by helping people to discover scents that make a magical ‘click’ with their authentic selves.