About Otentic

Discover a true sense of yourself


Otentic Perfumes is a new brand with a rich history, dating back to 1785. Our mission: to share our love for fragrance with as many people as possible.

How does Otentic realize this? By letting customers discover scents that seamlessly match their identity and taste.



Be yourself. Be Otentic. Everyone has their own personality based on character, taste and emotions with the resulting desires and dreams. This makes every person unique. Our goal is to let everyone discover and shape their own scent identity with the help of scents. We connect people with scents that click with their authentic selves.

Discover which scents suit you best. Perfumes with which you experience an irresistible alchemy, which reflect your identity. These are the scents that create lasting memories, for you and those you love.

Otentic guarantees all this by delivering uncompromising quality and by giving a stage to the French-classic, age-old perfume craft. Our fragrances are created in the cradle of French perfumery – Grasse – by master perfumer Jean-Denis Saisse.

Otentic Perfumes consists of a wide palette of fragrances – pure and complex, grand and simple, full of glamor and full of sophistication – at your disposal, curated around the eight classic perfume styles. A collection based on the highest quality raw materials, in which traditional ingredients such as rose, orange blossom and jasmine merge with forgotten aromas. Like mastic that has a remarkable place in our majestic Anno 1785.

Discover Otentic Perfumes in our perfumery Kappé Perfumes & Colors at Schiphol Plaza.